Meta Healthcare Operating System

Health Insurance Portability & Accountability (HIPAA)

HIPAA law provides a regulatory framework that has to be followed by healthcare providers have to comply .

This law is designed to protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of patient health information.

In simple terms, if a patient has a skin rash, the information has to be kept secret. It business only between the doctor and the patient, the security guard at the hospital has no business to know about the skin rash !  

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Front Desk Operator/Call Coordinator

This course will show how to easily use MetahOS - Healthcare Operating System for Front Desk, Reception or Call Co-ordinators at Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions.

Once the assessment is complete, the operator will be ready to use the platform.

Health Screening Analytics on MetahOS and MyTeleOPD

Detailed Analysis of the Health camps conducted by Hospitals and Healthcare Enterprises / NGOs. MyTeleOPD Digital Clinic + Telemedicine and MetahOS Healthcare Operating System enables the healthcare institutions to understand and take decision

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